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The Trijicon ACOG Reticle

Featuring a dual-illuminated precision reticle, the Trijicon ACOG provides tactical operator employing a distinctive aiming reticle in all light conditions whether it be bad or good – without using failure susceptible batteries. The Trijicon ACOG, powered by a tritium-phosphor lamp, in contrast to failure prone batteries, the Trijicon ACOG reticle glows throughout low-light conditions, as the superior fiber optics within the Trijicon ACOG instantly alter the brightness level and also contrast for the reticle throughout brighter light situations. This kind of auto-brightness characteristic of the Trijicon ACOG is simply one of its numerous features of which sets the Trijicon ACOG above and beyond it’s challengers.
Many types of the Trijicon ACOG – like the 4×32 Trijicon ACOG that’s now available to hunters along with target shooters – incorporate the revolutionary Bindon Aiming Concept™ (BAC). This innovative, both-eyes-open aiming technique offers you “instinctive” target acquisition plus enhanced hit potential with the Trijicon ACOG. And, the Trijicon ACOG’s ranging will be designed within most of the Trijicon ACOG reticles, which means you only have to set zero one time to get a multitude of ranging ranges with the Trijicon ACOG. Broad-band, anti-reflective covered lenses in the Trijicon ACOG supply outstanding resolution as well as light acquiring functionality with zero distortion. The Trijicon ACOG now offers large Eye Volume™, supplying you with increased leeway – fore and aft, and back and forth – along with which to see via the lens in the Trijicon ACOG. Needless to say, when the target is acquired, the Trijicon ACOG can be a dependable ally to assist you to zero in on the right shot.
The reticle from the Trijicon AGOG is made to be equally easy and quick to work with. The Trijicon ACOG could be zeroed in on 100 meters while using elevation as well as windage dials. Changes for elevation and windage in the Trijicon ACOG are .33 MOA in each click. After the Trijicon ACOG is zeroed, the caps will be reinstalled and no extra alterations are needed for using the Trijicon ACOG. To make use of the Trijicon ACOG, an operator simply can determine the correct range through setting the reticle’s horizontal lines between the target’s shoulders, if the Trijicon ACOG you’re using have the properly designed reticle.
The Trijicon ACOG is created with a tough, military-spec, aluminum-alloy housing and the Trijicon ACOG happens to be water-proof to depths of 500 feet – helping to make the Trijicon ACOG almost indestructible. Only the prism housing in the Trijicon ACOG changes, so it is considerably more durable compared to traditional models.
In picking the Trijicon ACOG, you are in good company. The planet’s best organization, in fact utilizes the Trijicon ACOG. The Trijicon ACOG is the official Rifle Combat Optic of the U.S. Marine Corps as well as the Army. Furthermore, the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 A is fielded from the Special Operations Forces. Whenever the Trijicon ACOG is sufficient regarding all these groups, it ought to be well worth at a minimum a strong viewing.
Much like the armed forces, hunters are seeking an optic to use in their arsenal which is tough, reliable and works in crucial situations, the Trijicon ACOG is that optic. The Trijicon ACOG ‘s reticle a red chevron aiming point and also incorporates a Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) that offers extra aiming points out to 800 meters. The Trijicon ACOG 4×32 is lightweight, versatile and mounts to any MIL-STD 1913 rail using the supplied mount.


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